Back to school blues? At least there’s always shopping for new school supplies (& clothes of course) to turn to to hopefully help ease the dread a little.

I for one, went ahead and got myself a new backpack (Clässy – Black) from Gaston Luga. It’s from Sweden and Swedish brands have never let me down when it comes to producing products of amazing quality. Do check them out if you’re on the hunt for a new backpack – especially if you need it for travelling.

I’m super excited to have a new backpack for my final year of uni, I’ve been using the same one for 5 years now – it’s about time I got it changed. Hehe. It has a cute little laptop slot for your 13″-15″ companions. My macbook is 15.4 inches though – so it doesn’t fit into the slot but it still sits nicely in the bag. I feel that, although out of the slot, it’s still protected and I don’t have to worry about my laptop needing a laptop sleeve before going into my backpack – so that’s a real plus point for me when looking for a school/travel bag.

Psst.. There’s always free shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU countries)
& an extra 15% off on top of all that when you use the code “soniaseraphina“!
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Hello everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far, and if you haven’t, fret not because I’m here today with a solution to all your shopaholic problems (not gonna lie, this has got my wallet thanking me and yours soon will too). Shopback Singapore has invited me to try and review their website and honestly, no lie, it gives you money to shop. I’ve been raving about this concept known as Cashback – basically how it works is, it places a certain percentage of the total amount that you’ve spent on various online shopping websites back into your shopback account! It may sound too good to be true, but I guess there is such a thing as heaven on earth, hehe.

As I’m not the best at explaining things clearly, this video should do the trick:

So simply log onto Shopback Singapore and receive an unlimited amount of savings on your favourite online shopping stores through discounts, promo codes, and even coupons! They give the best deals for clothes and accessories.

Plus, I DEFINITELY need this website now that I’ve found my new favourite online shopping platform – Zalora. Y’all have to see these pieces, I’m legit so in love♥

Shopback has been an absolute life saver as they fuel my shopaholic tendencies with the Zalora discount codes and coupons. Not only that, you can save more with cashback on top of Reebonz discount codes, AND they even have deals for NET-A-PORTER.

Right, now that I’ve let you guys in on my little secret, you can shop til your heart’s content without having to worry too much about emptying out your wallet.
Have fun my lovelies! xx


1. A pencil skirt

  • It looks gorgeous on everyone, plus it elongates the body due to the nature of it being high waisted.
  • Shop the outfit:


2. A good pair of heels

  • They don’t have to be very high, could just be your everyday pair of chelsea boots or even an inch of elevation in your uggs – every inch helps hunny.
  • “:


3. Wearing black

  • Black is generally known to be a slimming colour, therefore, by my logic, the slimmer you look, the taller you’ll appear to be.
    (That’s, of course, until someone stands next to you and uses you as an arm rest for the millionth time in your life. *eye roll* Come on guys, its getting old.)
  • Top & Jeans: Topshop
    Heels: Pedro


4. Gladiators

  • I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but I have discovered that gladiators somehow make my legs look longer – which is amazing because they’re so comfy and on top of that they look good with so many outfits. Who says beauty is pain?
  • Sunglasses: Cotton On
    Denim Jacket: My sister bought it in Bangkok
    Romper: H&M (It was gifted to me by my friend – thanks babe!)
    Gladiators: Asos – New Look


5. Cropped/knotted tops

  • By shortening the length of your top, it naturally gives more visible space to your torso, overall a good combination if you pair it with my up-coming Tip #6, in lengthening your body.
  • Top: Boohoo
    Bralet: Cotton On Body (Also a gift from the same friend – isn’t she just full of sugar?)

    Necklaces: Boohoo


6. High Waisted ANYTHING

  • Because you have now done Tip #5, you’ll have plenty of leftover space in your new-found lengthened torso to start your jeans/shorts/skirt at a higher point – giving your legs the freedom & ability to go on for days.
  • Flannel: Primark

7. Shorten your hair/Put it up in a ponytail

  • Recently I found out from my hairdresser that having shorter hair actually makes one look taller because longer hair tends to weigh your body down.
  • Also, if you put your hair up, there’s literally not much of a length that could possibly be weighing you down. As they say – business in the front, party in the back.
  • Picture on the left (excuse the untamed eyebrows): –
    Sunglasses: Primark
    Dress: H&M
  • Picture on the right: –

Now put everything together and you’ll basically look 7ft tall!

Also, please girls, always remember that it is okay to be short and it is important to love our bodies no matter what. So don’t let a simple thing like your height get you down. I mean, let’s face it, we’re already as close to the ground as we possibly could be anyway.

And besides, being a tiny human being comes with many perks, but I’ll leave that list to be discussed the next time.

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Gorgeous Designs    |    Unique Shoes    |    Wedding Dresses

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and an even better start to your week. Last Thursday, I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to attend the Boohoo SS17 Press Day along with the other Boohoo Student Ambassadors and I must say that Boohoo customers are definitely going to kill it in the outfit department this Spring & Summer of 2017. The collection features plenty of unique pieces that are jaw-droppingly gorgeous and I honestly cannot wait to parade them around London & Singapore. They’ve even got wedding dresses in store for you guys. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. They are, in fact, releasing a line of wedding/bridesmaids’ dresses. I mean seriously? It’s genius – an online retail brand selling wedding dresses. Like, helloooo bigger matrimonial budget.

Also, I apologise in advance but you might be a tad bit envious after reading what I’m about to say. I had the pleasure of getting a free hand massage at the Nip+Fab booth at the Press Day (along with a few Nip+Fab freebies in the goodybag) and I kid you not, it was literally the most relaxing thing ever. If you’ve never had a hand massage, you have not lived my friend. (Excuse the level of dramatics – I am, after all, half Indian.)

Getting back on track, I can’t wait for the SS17 collection to be dropped, hopefully you guys will just adore it as much as I do. It is definitely worth the wait ♥

Let’s stop here for today.. I could just go on forever. Don’t hesitate to leave a question or even a hello in the comments section below & remember to give a like to this post if you’re as excited about this season as I am!

Anyway, I’ll catch up with you guys later!


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