Hunting For Sock Boots?

Hello! How’s everyone been doing? I’ve recently stumbled upon my latest favourite pair of boot heels. They’re called the Annie Block Heel Sock Boots from and you can either click the link above to shop or just punch in the product code (dzz74608) into the search engine of their website.

Honesty Hour

These are in fact a gorgeous pair of boots and I absolutely adore them. They are generally really comfy as well, especially the material. Although, they can start to hurt quite a bit if you’ve got a lot of walking to do. Like almost every pair of boot heels out there, they’re comfortable for a few good hours but no one would particularly recommend wearing them on errands day. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes to trot down Oxford Street with, these aren’t exactly your best bet. However, if you’re looking for something to quickly throw on for a chill day out, yet still making sure your legs look like they could go on for days; or perhaps even for a week night run-down to the pub, these sock boots are your go-to team for comfort. Overall I must say, they are definitely worth getting your hands on, I mean, look at them. They literally go with everything this season (AW16), it’s like the missing puzzle piece to your wardrobe – perfectly ties together any outfit.♥

Outfit Details

Click on these links to shop the outfit above:

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