“No One’s Slick As Gaston”

Back to school blues? At least there’s always shopping for new school supplies (& clothes of course) to turn to to hopefully help ease the dread a little.

I for one, went ahead and got myself a new backpack (Clässy – Black) from Gaston Luga. It’s from Sweden and Swedish brands have never let me down when it comes to producing products of amazing quality. Do check them out if you’re on the hunt for a new backpack – especially if you need it for travelling.

I’m super excited to have a new backpack for my final year of uni, I’ve been using the same one for 5 years now – it’s about time I got it changed. Hehe. It has a cute little laptop slot for your 13″-15″ companions. My macbook is 15.4 inches though – so it doesn’t fit into the slot but it still sits nicely in the bag. I feel that, although out of the slot, it’s still protected and I don’t have to worry about my laptop needing a laptop sleeve before going into my backpack – so that’s a real plus point for me when looking for a school/travel bag.

Psst.. There’s always free shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU countries)
& an extra 15% off on top of all that when you use the code “soniaseraphina“!
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