Hi there! It’s been a rather hectic week for me with all the moving and travelling that I had to do. But in any event, now I’m back in Singapore for the summer and I’m so excited because I’ve got a few collaborations lined up!

(Outfit details are available on my Instagram – @soniaseraphina)



Hello my lovelies! I hope you all are having an amazing summer so far. I for one am flying off to Singapore tomorrow and I’m a little excited so I thought I’d wear something other than black for a change to embrace them summer vibes.

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Top: Boohoo (£8)

Jeans: Topshop (£40)

Overwear: Primark (£13)

Shoes: Asos (£35)



I took a half an hour walk to Camden yesterday (Sunday) in hopes to go back to the salon where I originally got my nails done but they were closed – fuck me right? So I decided to scout the area for other nail parlours and I found one called Camden Nails & Beauty (NW1 7PP). It was £16 for infills, not bad at all in my opinion.

Nail Polish: OPI – I don’t remember the name of the colour though, sorry folks!

Overall I was pretty satisfied, they were gentle and efficient. Definitely worth the revisit when I get back in the fall!

(Just a selfie from yesterday #selfiesunday)

Top: Primark

Earrings: ALDO



Shades: £3

Sleeveless Blazer: £13

Knitted Crop: £8

Camouflage Print Crop: £5

Shorts: £4

Total damage: £33 



As you’d know if you follow me on Instagram, I did quite a bit of damage at Topshop a few days ago and so I thought I’d follow up with some pictures of the items I purchased.

The hole in my wallet is definitely worth it.

Leather Jacket: Orig. £80 (bought off a friend for £10)

Bodysuit: £18 (-10% student discount)

MOTO High Waisted Jamie Jeans: £40 (-10% student discount)



We all need a little black of everything.” – @Maria_Batsalova 

Top: Bought in Singapore

Jeans: Topshop (MOTO High Waisted Jamie Jeans)

Jacket: Topshop

Shoes: Primark

Shades: H&M