Hello everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far, and if you haven’t, fret not because I’m here today with a solution to all your shopaholic problems (not gonna lie, this has got my wallet thanking me and yours soon will too). Shopback Singapore has invited me to try and review their website and honestly, no lie, it gives you money to shop. I’ve been raving about this concept known as Cashback – basically how it works is, it places a certain percentage of the total amount that you’ve spent on various online shopping websites back into your shopback account! It may sound too good to be true, but I guess there is such a thing as heaven on earth, hehe.

As I’m not the best at explaining things clearly, this video should do the trick:

So simply log onto Shopback Singapore and receive an unlimited amount of savings on your favourite online shopping stores through discounts, promo codes, and even coupons! They give the best deals for clothes and accessories.

Plus, I DEFINITELY need this website now that I’ve found my new favourite online shopping platform – Zalora. Y’all have to see these pieces, I’m legit so in love♥

Shopback has been an absolute life saver as they fuel my shopaholic tendencies with the Zalora discount codes and coupons. Not only that, you can save more with cashback on top of Reebonz discount codes, AND they even have deals for NET-A-PORTER.

Right, now that I’ve let you guys in on my little secret, you can shop til your heart’s content without having to worry too much about emptying out your wallet.
Have fun my lovelies! xx




  1. It’s coffee – who doesn’t love coffee?

    I always need caffeine to get me going before I start my days. It gets me feeling fuzzy and warm during the cold days – which, by the way, is a terrible combination for maintaining a good figure.

  2.  It smells heavenly.

    It has a really earthy scent and look. Plus it doesn’t just have good aesthetics while smelling good, it’s probably an infusion of coffee and tea with several unique tastes combined into one.

  3. It doesn’t feel heavy like other coffees.

    This has a lot to do with the ingredients that they’ve used. Unlike other coffees, the ingredients are very beneficial to one’s body. They’re supposed to be able to accelerate your current weight loss efforts (working out, eating clean, etc.).

  4. Summer body all year round!

    When it starts getting colder, I usually lose any figure I possibly had before. In other words, I normally look like a sack of potatoes whenever summer rolls around so I’ve literally been thanking god for caffeine that actually helps me keep my ideal physique instead of contributing to the weight wagon all the time- it’s like a miracle in a cup.

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to their website now to join me and thousands of other skinny coffee babes in our venture for the perfect body ♥


For 20% off your order simply quote “SONIASERAPHINA20” before you checkout!



Hello! How’s everyone been doing? I’ve recently stumbled upon my latest favourite pair of boot heels. They’re called the Annie Block Heel Sock Boots from Boohoo.com and you can either click the link above to shop or just punch in the product code (dzz74608) into the search engine of their website.

Honesty Hour

These are in fact a gorgeous pair of boots and I absolutely adore them. They are generally really comfy as well, especially the material. Although, they can start to hurt quite a bit if you’ve got a lot of walking to do. Like almost every pair of boot heels out there, they’re comfortable for a few good hours but no one would particularly recommend wearing them on errands day. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes to trot down Oxford Street with, these aren’t exactly your best bet. However, if you’re looking for something to quickly throw on for a chill day out, yet still making sure your legs look like they could go on for days; or perhaps even for a week night run-down to the pub, these sock boots are your go-to team for comfort. Overall I must say, they are definitely worth getting your hands on, I mean, look at them. They literally go with everything this season (AW16), it’s like the missing puzzle piece to your wardrobe – perfectly ties together any outfit.♥

Outfit Details

Click on these links to shop the outfit above:

OR click here to shop my other outfits! 🙂



Hey guys! As promised, here’s a review of the Kylie Lip Kit (Dolce K). Honestly I’m in love with the product as a whole. However, I found that, personally, when using the lip liner provided, I look really dead. It caused the shape of my lips to look rather odd and overall it didn’t really suit my skin tone – which was a tad bit disappointing considering how at the start, Kylie was promoting the fact that her lip shades were suitable on all skin tones.

But fret not, I improvised with the Maybelline COLOURsensational lip pencil (338 – Midnight Plum). I don’t remember how much I got it for exactly but I think it was just slightly shy of £3 from Superdrug.

As you can see, just by using a darker & pinker lip liner it added a lot more life to my lips although it matified the finished look a lot more.

Overall I’d say it was worth the money because I didn’t have to reapply it – not once, when I went out for dinner & drinks last night (it remained as it was in the ootd picture).

Top: Forever21

Pants: My sister bought them from a night market in Bangkok, Thailand.

Flats: Charles & Keith



I took a half an hour walk to Camden yesterday (Sunday) in hopes to go back to the salon where I originally got my nails done but they were closed – fuck me right? So I decided to scout the area for other nail parlours and I found one called Camden Nails & Beauty (NW1 7PP). It was £16 for infills, not bad at all in my opinion.

Nail Polish: OPI – I don’t remember the name of the colour though, sorry folks!

Overall I was pretty satisfied, they were gentle and efficient. Definitely worth the revisit when I get back in the fall!

(Just a selfie from yesterday #selfiesunday)

Top: Primark

Earrings: ALDO



Got 2 new additions to my make up collection in the past week. This is the first time getting any products from either of these brands and I would just like to say I’m already in love.
Arbonne Primer (£30):

It really does it’s job and keeps your make up on point throughout a night out or a hot summer’s day – but that’s not the best part. I just love how velvet-like and smooth it leaves your skin, making the application of the rest of your make up much easier.

(My friend works for this company and after trying her primer I just had to get it. Apparently this was the brand that was used for the twilight movie. How cute is that.)

Dose of Colours Liquid Matte Lipstick “Truffle” (USD$18 – not incl. shipping):

I’ve honestly been so addicted to this lipstick. As my best friend would call it, it’s ‘an instant lip job’. The colour is amazing and it stays on almost all day (unless you drink + eat ever so often). The most I’ve ever re-applied this was once. I’m just so in love I’ll probably get more colours soon.